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Transforming filtration, igniting efficiency

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What is

The Filterit device is a breakthrough solution designed to eliminate soot and fine particulate matter from flue gases emitted during the combustion of various fuels.

It is a maintenance-free and consumable-free device that eliminates the need for electricity and disposal of emitted substances during filtration.

The device prevents the accumulation of soot in flue pipes and significantly increases combustion efficiency by more than 20%.

Through its innovative catalyst layer, it ensures that all unburned solid and gaseous substances are completely burned, resulting in flue gas emissions well below clean air standards.


Revolutionizing Combustion

Putting an End to Soot and Fine Particulate Matter Emissions

The Future of Combustion Technology

Maintenance-Free Design for Sustainable and Emission-Free Operation

Efficiency Unleashed

Achieving Over 20% Improvement in Combustion and Environmental Impact

Breathing Clean Air

Meeting and Exceeding Clean Air Standards with Advanced Flue Gas Emission Control

Stop the release of soot and fine particulate matter from combustors and equipment using solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels.

Achieve complete combustion of unburned substances, improving combustion efficiency by over 20%.

Significantly reduce fine particulate matter in flue gas emissions, surpassing clean air standards.

Maintenance-free and consumable-free solution, eliminating the need for additional costs and disposal.

Existing filters require different types of consumables, electricity, and disposal of emitted substances during filtration.

Soot and fine particulate matter are released from combustion processes using various fuels.

Versatile and applicable to various combustion installations.

Reduces the size of incinerator combustion chambers while maintaining functionality.

Improves environmental performance of flue gases and increases overall efficiency.

Key Features

Maintenance-free design with no consumables required.

Complete combustion of unburned substances through the catalyst layer.

Combustion efficiency increased by over 20%.

Fine particulate matter in flue gas emissions well below clean air standards.

Our Markets

Domestic heating stoves.

Industrial combustion installations.

Coal or oil-fired heating and power plants.